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Since 1996, Uniflex has started to supply rubber screen media. The products  range were mainly used in heavy duty scalping where the major problem faced by customers using  perforated AR plate  were very high wear rate, high impact causing structural cracks, rock pegging on screen surface and noise pollution. The main features of screen media developed were based on high abrasion resistant rubber vulcanized on steel plate. It was designed in modular form for ease of maintenance and minimized the wastage caused by uneven wear rate. These screen panels were bolted on heavy duty deck and proved to be very cost-effective for scalping application.

For primary and secondary stage of screening applications, the requirement for screening efficiency  are normally not very stringent as these are mainly for scalping and coarse separation. In most cases, 80% is beyond satisfactory. This low requirement allows the designer to emphasize on life span of screen media by having the optimum configuration of the holes, aperture, hole profile, thickness and open area. It has been very successful so far for screen openings from 250mm down to 50mm.

After years of experiences in quarry industries, we realize that precise screening for the final stage of crushing is even more challenging. This is because in the last two stages of screening applications, the requirement on screening efficiency is crucial to achieve higher productivity. In the case of minus 20mm aggregates separation, the screening efficiency has to achieve as high as 95%. Todays, most of the quarry operators still believe that the wire mesh gives the highest screening efficiency. However, there are many shortfalls of using wire mesh as mentioned bellow;
  • Very short lifespan from 30,000tons for 20mm to 100,000tons for 5mm separation.
  • Frequent patching of wire mesh with overlapping holes causing low screening efficiency.
  • Prone to blinding and affects the productivity as well as products quality.
  • Unacceptable down time and maintenance.
As there are many factors and parameters which affect the screening efficiency and downtime, we have recently designed a new type of screen machine, i.e. Modumesh Multi-slope Screen. This machine allows us to control many parameters like amplitude, speed and using multiple inclinations for optimum performance. The screen media also made in rubber, polyurethane, wire mesh or combination depends on suitability. It has been proven that Modumesh Multi-slope Screen helps to enhance the overall plant efficiency because of the following reasons.
  • Higher screening efficiency gives more throughputs.
  • Longer life-span compares to wire mesh.
  • Modular screen media for easy maintenance and fully utilization of screen surface incase of uneven wear.
  • Mix and match with different opening sizes to meet the products specifications.
  • Different materials of screen media, i.e. rubber, polyurethane, wire mesh or combination of these three materials.
  • Different design of screen media for multi-deck screen.
  • Different inclination within a deck for the best performance.
  • Wear protection with lighter rubber material at feed box, shaft casing and discharge spout.

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